Into The Abyss

dnd 5eDM: Sam Morgan

Synopsis: The Isle of Dread is the first D&D wilderness adventure published by TSR Hobbies back in 1980, and was designed as an instructional module to help novice Dungeon Masters design their own wilderness adventures.

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The Fallen Gods

savage worlds DM: Dan Hester

Synopsis: Savage Worlds is an award-winning, universal, generic role-playing game and miniatures wargame, written by Shane Lacy Hensley, and published Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

The game has simple character creation and emphasises speed of play and reduced preparation time over realism or detail.  

Campaigns, feature a main storyline, presented as a series of "Plot Points" and additional side-quests (or "Savage Tales") expand the scope of the campaign.  This format allow a group of characters to explore the game universe while playing through (or disregarding) the main storyline in a manner similar to that of role-playing video games.

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The Lands of Dual

CnCDM: Tony Brotherton

Synopsis: A Fantasy game set in Tony's own campaign world using the Castles & Crusades (SIEGE) System, which harks back to the original editions of D&D.  Fast combat without burdensome rules, it's an easy system to learn and a great introduction to roleplaying games.



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The Terror in the Mists

victorianaDM: Paul Crouch

Synopsis: Victoriana is a game of roleplay in a fantasy alternative Victorian era.

Victoriana was published by Heresy Games in 2003. A second edition was published by Cubicle 7 in 2009. A third edition was published in 2013, again by Cubicle 7. This edition was designed to compatible with the previous version of the game.



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