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savage worlds DM: David Humphreys

Synopsis: Savage Worlds is an award-winning, universal, generic role-playing game and miniatures wargame, written by Shane Lacy Hensley, and published Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

The game has simple character creation and emphasises speed of play and reduced preparation time over realism or detail.  

Campaigns, feature a main storyline, presented as a series of "Plot Points" and additional side-quests (or "Savage Tales") expand the scope of the campaign.  This format allow a group of characters to explore the game universe while playing through (or disregarding) the main storyline in a manner similar to that of role-playing video games.

David's game takes a group of raw recruits through basic Marine Corps training and then puts them in the Mekong Delta in 1966.

What will they find in the Heart of Darkness and will they return...