Little Bronze Man

lawnerDM: David

Synopsis: What or who is the Little Bronze Man?  Many seem to be seeking it, willing to kill for it, or pay highly for its return to Man.  But why? For what purpose could such an innocently-named target be used for?  Time seems to be running out, but will the Little Bronze Man be a force for good or evil?  Can the adventurers find it before the others, or will it be found and used against them?

Lawner is one of the many Planes of existence, the 7th, to be exact.  A world of high fantasy, of good verses evil, of adventure, of danger, of many different races and creatures.  Lawner is the setting and system.  It is a home-grown game (since 1980) where the focus is on characterization, story, and development of the world, rather than leveling-up or treasure-seeking.  The DM rolls the dice except in combat or magic-use.  The players move the game, the characters influence the world.  Wield a weapon, cast spells, or call upon an answering diety for help, you may need all three to survive.  So gather your party of adventurers and set out on your quest!