horizonDM: Simon Hibbs

Synopsis: Adventures in the ruins of a titanic starship. 

Two generations ago your civilization expended the bulk of it's resources building a gigantic 80km long starship to escape your home galaxy.  It was a desperate effort to escape certain destruction.  Three sentient organic computers were built to aid in it's design and operation, the SENTINELs, but a generation ago one or more of them revolted.  The ensuing war ravaged the ship and millions of crew died.

Eventually the chaos subsided and the survivors barricaded themselves into defensible locations based around valuable resources such as food, life support and power.

The game system is based on GUMSHOE, the award winning system used in Trail of Cthulhu, Nights Black Agents and others.  It's a lightweight system. Each skill gives you a pool of points to spend to improve your chance of success, or to achieve special results.

Player Character options include:
  • an inhabitant of one of these communities
  • a colonist or crew member revived from cold sleep.
It's time to reach out to the other communities, fight back against the robots and SENTINELs, find out what really happened in the Robot Wars and regain control of the ship!