Our History

Roleplaying in South East London Since 1999

Founding Members

The Hobbits Hole was founded back in 1999 when a regular group of role-players from the South East London Wargames Group (SELWG) decided to setup their own club dedicated to Roleplaying Games. Carol aka "The Hobbit" found our first venue, the Ringway Centre, in Grove Park and the The Hobbit's Hole was formed.

For a few years the Hobbits Hole ran several games each Friday night at the Ringway centre, usually 2 or 3 games at once each night. Games such as Palladium Fantasy, Alternity, Steve Jackson's GURPS and many other home brewed systems created by club members.

The centre was great and we continued to grow in numbers as new people joined by word of mouth and soon realisd that we had outgrown the venue and needed somewhere larger. Linda, another founding member, found a replacement hall in the Coldharbour Community Hall, and in 2003 we moved and we've been here ever since.