Our History

Manic Trophy Tournament Winners

2014: David Martin
Trio of games devised by Apo Sarandidis, Richard Cunningham & Tony Brotherton

David came out solidly on top in the standings this year becoming the first double winner of the trophy. Securing the win with 1st place in both Apo's Zombie Survival game and Richard's Necromunda and a 2nd place finish in Dude's 2.5D Dungeon Crawl. Bridesmaid prize went to Paul Stebles who yet again finished in the runner up spot.

2013: Apostolous Sarandidis
Starfleet Battle game devised by Simon Hibbs

Apo Sarandidis won this epic tabletop spaceship battle in a convincing manner after Tony Brotherton and Richard Cunningham both surrendered their vessels to his (in stunning displays of cowardice hitherto unseen at Hobbits Hole). 

Honourable mention goes to Paul Stebles who was a valiant runner up

2012: Simon Hibbs
Knights Tournament games devised by Andy Wright

Andy put on a stunning game this year which involved a series of challenges such as the design your own heraldry game, Jousting and Melee combat and some Nintendo Wii based archery.

2011: Andy Wright
Dungeon Crawl devised by Bel Potter

Andy won Bel's homebrew dungeon crawl

2010: Belinda Potter
Necromunda Gang War devised by Richard Cunningham

Congratulations for 2010 went to Bel who won Richard's Necromunda Gang War game. With a knockout competition format, two teams of three people battled it out against each other in a game of reverse capture the flag. The final culminated in a three way free for all as Bel's gangers killed with precision and a last final berserker charge.

2009: Richard Cunningham
Dungeon Crawl game Devised by David Martin

Richard won David's epic homebrew dungeon crawl with custom photograph playing pieces.    

2008: David Martin
D&D Miniatures Arena of Death devised by Mark Hamilton

David won the day in 2008 during Mark's D&D Miniatures Arena game.

2007: Mark Hamilton
Innaugural Boardgame Eliminator devised by Tony Brotherton

Mark Hamilton won the innaugural event, consisting of a three elimination rounds of boardgames, in dramatic circumstances in a DICE OFF!!

Some of the games played were; Ticket to Ride, Citadels, Mission Red Planet with the final game being Sceptre of Zavandor.